What’s Inside Aversity Gold Masterclass?

With all of the hype around Aversity Gold Masterclass, everyone wants to know what’s inside before they join the program. In this article, I’ll show you what’s inside Aversity Gold Masterclass members area and what do you actually learn or get when you join Gold Masterclass.

I will also give you directions on what to do when you join Aversity Gold Masterclass since it can be a little confusing with all of the features, tools and the community you’ll have access to. This way you’ll be more effective with the program and will be able to get better results when you promote it.

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what’s inside Aversity Gold Masterclass

When you join Aversity Gold Masterclass, you’ll be greeted with a welcome video where the founder of the company, Sean Bagheri will explain how to get started with the program and will also give you some tips and tricks before getting started with the first module.

In total, Aversity Gold Masterclass has 13 modules. From these modules, 6 of them are the main training modules and 7 of them are elite training modules that will help you improve the existing campaigns that you’ve created using the original 6 modules.

What’s inside the first 6 modules (main content)

The concept behind Gold Masterclass is something that Sean has mentioned multiple times on his YouTube channel. Every affiliate product you’re going to promote has a different audience, so this means that the strategy you need to use to make sales is also going to be different.

In the Aversity Gold Masterclass, you’ll focus on learning these strategies first, then you’ll learn about implementing each one of them in detail.

Aversity Gold Masterclass members area

The moving forward in module 2, 3 and 4, you’ll learn more about these strategies, how to implement them for each product and how to use the right angle for every product you promote to ensure maximum conversions and sales.

Aversity Gold Masterclass

And finally, when you’re done building your campaigns, you’ll access 2 very powerful modules, free and paid traffic training modules. These 2 modules are incredibly detailed and will play a massive role in your success with this program.

I’m personally a big fan of the paid traffic module. It comes with its own mini courses for each traffic source that you can use in your business, from Facebook to Google and Bing ads.

Aversity Gold Masterclass traffic training

After the 6 main training modules, it’s time to get into the elite training module. The elite program is all about improving your existing campaigns and taking your business to the next level. In this module, you’ll learn about advanced sales strategies like 4 step launch funnel strategy, video preselling and advanced ways to track user behavior and detect problems in your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Final thoughts

The Aversity Gold Masterclass is a great way to start your online business if you’re looking to learn affiliate marketing from a successful marketer and use his ready to implement online business instead of building your own from scratch.

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